The Energy Board of Appeal

- an independent appeal board under The Ministry of Climate, Energy and Building.

The Energy Board of Appeal is the final administrative appeal body for decisions by public authorities under various laws governing the energy sector. The decisions that are subject to appeal will in most cases have been handed down by the Danish Energy Regulatory Authority (Energitilsynet), the Danish Energy Authority (Energistyrelsen) or one of Denmark's 98 municipalities.

The Board consists of a chairman and deputy chairman as well as a number of experts in all aspects of energy-related issues. The framework, within wich the Board operates is set forth in the applicable legislation and in the application legislation and in the Board's by-laws.

The secretariat's role is to prepare and implement the Board's decisions.

The chairman for The Energy Board of Appeal takes decisions on the Board's behalf in certain matters pursuant to section 6 of the by-laws.

The Energy Board of Appeal hears appeals from individual decisions made by public authorities under the following laws:

Heat Supply Act (Lov om varmeforsyning)

Electricity Supply Act (Lov om elforsyning)

Act on Subsidies for Electricity Production (Lov om tilskud til elproduktion)

Natural Gas Supply Act (Lov om naturgasforsyning)

Act on CO2 Quotas (Lov om CO2-kvoter)

Act to Promote Energy Conservation (Lov om fremme af besparelser i energiforbruget)

Act to Promote Energy Conservation in Buildings (Lov om fremme af energibesparelser i bygninger)

Continental Shelf Act (Lov om kontinentalsoklen)

Act on the Exploitation of Denmark's Underground Resources (Lov om anvendelse af Danmarks undergrund)

Act on Government Subsidies for the Carbon Dioxide Tax Expenses of Certain Companies with a High Energy Consumption (Lov om statstilskud til dækning af udgifter til kuldioxidafgift i visse virksomheder med stort energiforbrug)

Act on Safety etc. for Offshore Facilities to Investigation, Production and Transportation of Hydrocarbon (Lov om sikkerhed m.v. for offshoreanlæg til efterforskning, produktion, og transport af kulbrinter)

Act on Energy Technological Development- and Demonstration Programme (Lov om et Energiteknologisk Udviklings- og Demonstrationsprogram)

Links to English translations of some Danish energy laws.

The decisions of the Energy Board of Appeal are final, i.e., they cannot be appealed to other administrative authorities. If you are not satisfied with a decision reached by the Board of Appeal, you can institute legal proceedings against the Board in the courts.

The decisions taken by the Energy Board of Appeal are available in Danish from this website. To view the decisions, use the chronological list or the seach function (both in Danish only).